How did House Bear Brewing begin?

House Bear Brewing was established in 2013 by Beth Borges and Carl Hirschfeld. It traces its roots to Beth's college days when she discovered the joys of mead making. When she and her friends decided to learn to brew, she opted for mead instead of beer. Later, while getting her MBA from Babson College, she decided meadmaking could be a lifestyle and not just a hobby. She had noted that with so few commercial meads available there was a niche in the market. She brought her friend Carl Hirschfeld, who she had introduced to brewing a few years earlier, onboard because of their complimentary skill sets and researched the industry.
The founders of House Bear Brewing, Beth Borges and Carl Hirschfeld
Founders, Beth Borges and Carl Hirschfeld

How did we get our name?

One day while listening to birds outside the window Carl said, "House Sparrows!" and Beth heard, "House Bears". The misinterpretation quickly became an inside joke between the two. When it came time to name the company the name House Bear Brewing stuck as it reflected the off-beat nature of the two owners.


Beth is insatiably curious and in addition to brewing loves to garden, cook, design, landscape and write. She has been described as a force of nature: passionate, committed, tenacious, focused. She loves puzzles and games.

Carl, in addition to brewing, likes to kayak, hike, garden and cook. He is a dedicated birder. He loves all forms of word puzzles and games. His penchant for puns lends itself nicely to creative brew names.